One Planet Project is a massive global awareness campaign.

Our goal is to spread information of the many global, health, societal issues and a new economic model known as a Resource Based Economy to more and more people around the world. We hope that through this new knowledge more and more  people will begin to have a better understanding of global issues, the many problems that exist, where they derive from and the solutions that we can begin to look at. By opening this door of understanding we hope that many will begin to look at their personal values and begin to conduct many of their life patterns in a new and more constructive manner.

If we do our job well as a movement by bringing this awareness to the masses, more people globally will respond to this knowledge and they will begin to change their own lives and choose to take new and better approaches to their own personal imprint within the world.

By creating awareness we will create change in individuals and that change will begin to resonate with a larger and larger global community.

So, this seems like a big task and one might wonder how we can acheive such a large task.

We do this one step at a time, one person at a time.

The Z Movement One Planet Project campaign is designed for simple, small, localized actions to turn into massive global results!

The Z Movement One Planet Project campaign is a simple campaign that every chapter can easily engage in. Regardless of location or size, each chapter can become part of a productive localized project that will work with all other active chapters on a global scale!

It is through small, easy to accomplish, localized actions that the global goals are met.

The One Planet Project Canvassing Campaign is designed for every chapter and every individual that wants to be a part of the solution and help spread this information to easily get involved and make a difference. Each individual that takes part in this campaign will be a part of the massive global numbers. Together we ALL make a difference!

So what is the One Planet Project Campaign?

Z Movement members hit the street and directly interact with the local public by asking them a few simple questions and then taking down their name and email. These individuals that are approached on the street that give their names and emails will then receive an INFORMATION PACKAGE via email that includes the movie links to watch online or download and important information about the movement and it’s objectives.

It’s that simple.

By engaging in this simple, easy street level campaign, chapters become active directly with the public and they become a visible presence within their communities.

If you would like to get involved please contact your local chapter.