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The One Planet Project is a campaign for active local city chapters to participate in. If you are an individual that would like to get involved please contact your local chapter for details!

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Enter your local city chapter here. ie: Zeitgeist Paris or Zeitgeist Denver or Zeitgeist Miami etc. This project is design for direct localized city level activism. It is not intended for states or regions. Do not enter state, provincial or regional locals.

Enter your local city chapter website here. If you do not have a local city chapter website please consider creating a local city chapter Facebook page (or equivalent) so that others locally to you will have a way to contact you and join you as you spread the message throughout your local community. Do not enter personal websites or state, provincial or regional websites. Just direct websites to your local city contact.

If you do not have a city website or create a city Facebook chapter site then your personal email address will be the local contact used for your city.

Please do not use non-Zeitgeist websites. They will not be allowed.