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Creative folk across the globe are finding unusual ways to tackle the ‘fat’ issue.


Underwater Cycling

It’s been a weight- and cellulite-fighting secret in France for years but now the word is out, with underwater cycling studios springing up in London, New York and here. Russell Fine, who runs classes in NSW and WA, says: “Cycling is harder in water as you work against the pressure of the water.” But to get optimum results don’t cycle like you do on land. “There shouldn’t be swaying back and forth,” says Fine. “Keep your upper body stable and really focus the moves through your legs.” Visit for class details.


Exercise as Currency

So you get to the subway station and you realise you’ve forgotten your purse. If you’re in Moscow’s Vystavochaya station, this is not a problem. Stand in front of the ticket machine, do 30 squats or lunges and the machine will spit out a free ticket. It’s part of Russia’s attempts to get the population healthier for this year’s Olympic Games coming soon are cycles that will charge your mobile as you cycle.


The Pil Suk Diet

Pil Suk is a character on the South Korean show Dream High. An aspiring pop star, she lost 30kg on a six-month diet plan that saw her ‘breakfasting like a Queen, lunching like a commoner, and dining like a pauper’; in other words, eating a large morning meal, reasonable lunch and a little dinner. Cue a wave of copycat dieting with endless bloggers sharing their weight-loss efforts online. Admittedly, Pil Suk’s meals weren’t the healthiest her evening meal was a sweet potato and a yoghurt, but nutritionist Jedha Dening says with a sensible evening choice like scrambled egg and vegetables, staggered eating can lead to weight loss. “Consuming a healthy food of protein, carb and fat in the morning aids stableness hormones associated with glucose level management, hunger and starvation.” Not to mention, the Pil Suk’s meals and hcg drops is a perfect diet combination.

United States

Plastic Fat

Go into a restaurant in Long Beach, California and you might see Tracy. You’ll know if you do because on her table will be a 0.5kg pile of plastic fat. Tracy is one of the people raving on US sales site about the Anatomical Chart Company fat model. You buy it, carry it with you and look at it every time you want to eat something fattening. “It can work, but it can trigger negative thinking that in the end actually leads to comfort eating,” says psychologist Dr Libby Quinn. Instead, Dr Quinn suggests using positive motivation. Pick something you wear all the time like a watch and every time you see it tell yourself that you treat your body well.